The results were amazing.

I walked into Roddy’s salon when I moved to Surry Hills in 2020 and was impressed straight away that he sat down and consulted with me regarding the style and colour I wanted to achieve. He not only listened to me, he gave advice and looked at a long term plan for the style I wanted to grow.
While I was ecstatic after my first appointment, after a few months the results were amazing. He continues to listen and guide me. His ideas are innovative and contemporary and I now have my daughter from Melbourne making appointments with him when she comes to Sydney. I would recommend anyone to use his professional service as he is the best hairdresser I have ever used.

Vicki McCully November 20, 2021

Roddy is the quintessential professional. Punctual, Personable and a Perfectionist!

I have been a client of Roddy’s since May 1999. I was gifted a Hair Cut and Colour by my Brother in Law for my birthday in 1999, not long after I had emigrated to Sydney from the UK.; I  have never been to another hairdresser since.

Roddy is the quintessential professional. Punctual, Personable and a Perfectionist!

Regardless of where Roddy has worked, my partner and I have chosen to follow him as clients and will continue to do so whilst we live in Sydney.

Samantha Webster February 24, 2017

The most beautiful salon and a totally personable experience. I could more highly recommend the prep room. One very happy customer.

Rebecca Djobson February 24, 2017

Hair Saviour

Thank you Roddy for bringing life back to my “shattered” hair, you are my saviour ! X

Mary Gale February 24, 2017

Why try others when you’ve got Roddy

I first met Roddy after a disastrous home colour change while attempting to deal with the ever increasing grey hairs as a natural brunette. Immediately and thankfully, Roddy put me on the right track. His superb hair colour and nutrition knowledge has guaranteed that my hair has looked natural and suited me throughout the grey stages. More than twenty years later I still get compliments and new friends think that I’m a natural blonde.

Why try others when you’ve got Roddy?

Ann February 24, 2017

I am one very happy customer.

Roddy has been my hair colourist and stylist for nearly 20 years. I have always hated my thin and lifeless hair and thought very little could be done with it. However Roddy has helped me love my hair by creating cutting edge styles with equally cutting edge colour. We developed a plan to change styles at least twice a year and I now await my six weekly sessions in the chair with much anticipation. Not knowing exactly which new look he will pick.

I have complete faith in him and love his technique as well as his personal attention. He somehow reminds me of Edward Scissorhands as he “cuts into” my hair and creates more texture than I imagined possible.

Coupled with his great product lines to create the final look, I never cease to be amazed by his work. I am one very happy customer.

Janet Harris February 24, 2017

I highly recommend Roddy as your next hairdresser.

I  have been a client of Roddy’s for over 20 years. His cuts are unwavering in their high quality and consistency. Roddy is a great personality, so having your hair cut is always  fun. I highly recommend Roddy as your next hairdresser.

Glenn B. Crisp February 24, 2017

Roddy has a wealth of experience in the care of hair.

Roddy has a wealth of experience in the care of hair.  He is a true craftsman, who understands how to work hair, not just cut or colour it.  He ensures his clients get the best outcome possible.  Because of this, Roddy has many long-term clients, myself included (since 2002).  I can’t imagine anybody else taking care of my hair.

Geoff Dowell February 23, 2017

Roddy is a complete star!

Roddy is a complete star!  We met through a “hair rescue” situation some years ago. He saved the day by fixing another hairdresser’s colour blunder in a calm, understanding and professional way. What a relief!

Subsequently Roddy has continued to provide an excellent service and advice, with genuine care and attention to everything he does. It’s always a pleasure to visit Roddy’s salon. Friends and colleagues admire his latest “do” every time.

Lisa February 23, 2017