How the Loyalty program works

We all know that keeping your hair in good condition takes time, effort and money. Why not make your hair work for you and redeem some of the cost back into your pocket?

For every $10 you spend at TPR, you receive $1 worth of points in your loyalty account. As these points accumulate, they may be redeemed on either hair services or products.

So, Now you can now enjoy our premium hair services knowing that the investment will be complimented by our loyalty program.

Utilizing Points

• When using the loyalty points the cost of a purchase will be deducted from the total points accumulated.
• You may not use loyalty points to pay for part of a product or service
• Loyalty points may not be redeemed on the same day they are earned.

Gift Vouchers/Tipping

Loyalty program points may not be used in purchasing a gift voucher or tipping TPR staff.

 Redeeming Points

• Points may only be redeemed against hair services, retail products and treatments.
• Reward points must be redeemed/reduced once they reach over $500.
• Points can not be redeemed between the start of November until end of January.

Bonus points

When you introduce a new client to the salon, after they receive their first hair service, you will automatically receive an additional 10 points to your profile.

Expiration Date

Your loyalty points will expire if you have not visited The Prep Room for any hair services for the duration of 12 months.


The Prep Room reserves all rights to cancel a Client’s loyalty program at TPR’s discretion without redeeming their points (for reasons including but not limited to, any attempt to abuse the scheme or any suspicion of dishonesty). The rewards program has no cash value and is therefore non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Reward points are not transferable to another client or redeemable as a gift for a friend or family member.